DHS regulations allow only the DHS secretary to release the personal information of asylee and refugees. Now, Acting DHS Director Ken Cuccinelli wants the power to unilaterally disclose “asylum and refugee-related information, including information related to credible fear and reasonable fear claims.” Citing murders committed by MS-13 members as an example, his goal is to release the information to courts and the press “in connection with prosecutions involving crimes relating to national security or that threaten public safety.” In the past, USCIS has denounced the idea, saying giving out personal information could cause retaliation against the refugee or their family in their country of origin. The information Cuccinelli specifically wants to release includes names in conjunction with dates of birth, refugee or asylee status, and whether family members have refugee or asylee status. It is unclear whether Secretary McAleenan has made a decision on this matter yet.  

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