Makes The Impossible Possible

The best lawyer, she makes the impossible possible, beyond excellent job.

- Zakia Afzali

Great Knowledge

Deeba is very professional attorney, she provide exact and appropriate solution to any situation. its all absolutely by her great knowledge and brilliant work history.

- Megha Sharma

Sincerity and Care

Deeba Anwari is a angel on earth. She was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING from our initial consultation all the way to my husband's arrival in the USA. She is so responsive, kind, patient, knowledgeable, helpful, reassuring, positive, and genuine. I truly cannot say enough good things about her and her firm. When you work with Deeba, you can feel her sincerity and care at every step. She has a passion for reuniting families and it shows in the excellency of her character and the flawless execution of her work. If you are weighing options, look no further. Trust me---you have found the best immigration lawyer in the business! I am so grateful to God to have found her. My husband is here with me now and the Anwari Law Firm held my hand every step of the way. Navigating the immigration process can be full of ambiguity, uncertainty, and a lot of waiting. BUT-----the PEACE I had while waiting for my husband to arrive in the USA, with the Anwari Firm by my side guiding me every step of the way, was priceless! Thank you, Deeba!!! God bless you and your family to infinity and beyond!

- Lakesha McKenzie

Definitely Recommend

I definitely recommend the Anwari Law Firm. Deeba, who was our attorney for my husbands immigration case did an excellent job. She was very organized and guided us through each step. It was easy to communicate with her via email or phone. She made the whole process a walk in the park! It was a pleasure working with her. Thank you Deeba!

- Zeynep Uzun

Amazing Experience

I had an amazing experience with Anwari Law Firm and Deeba is a such nice, smart and organized lawyer that makes everything simple and clear to her clients. I will recommend her to everyone I know. I’m so glad that I chose her represent me.

- Wissam AbidRabbu

Fast Process

I would like to take time and write amazing experience of me with Anwari Law Firm especially Deeba Anwari who really helped my wife’s paperwork to get done on time, and no miss documents in result of her work, my wife gets to states less then a year from afghanistan. I would like to recommend to all who wants the process to be faster get help from Anwari Law Firm

- Hedayatullah Hedayat

The Best Lawyer

Dear Deeba Anwari, I want to tell you how much we appreciate you and how hard you worked for us. There is no doubt in my mind that we have the best lawyer. That being said, I know we made the right decision and we are comfortable with that decision. Deeba is hardworking, honest, helpful and patient. She is very responsive, even on weekends, early morning and at night, she responded to my questions and emails. I am very happy that I know her and I always recommend her to my friends. Thank you, God bless you. W.Z.

- Wazhma Zalmai

Very Good Experience

I have a very good experience with Diba Anwari law firm. She is a kind, honest, loyal and caring lady. She respond me in my critical situations without any benefit. I wish her best of luck in her future career.

- Sameeera Ada Kazimi

Top Immigration Lawyer

Excellent Lawyer, Ms. Anwari helped me with my case. After waiting almost 2 years for aproving my asylum case, I decided to change my lawyer. Ms. Anwari was the one I consulted and I knew immediately that she would be the right person to handle my case. Within few months of hiring her I had a decision on my case. She is top immigration lawyer, I highly recommend her to all of you.

- Shirshah Ahmadzai

One In A Million Immigration Lawyer

Deeba, you're one in a million Immigration Lawyer!! The Anwari Law Firm provides a second to none customer service. I'm happily united with my family after being away for five years. Kudos to the immigration expertise of this firm. Highly recommend the Anwari Law Firm if you have any immigration issues.

- Abraham Quarshie

Helpful Consultation

Miss Anwari was the only lawyer who gave us a helpful consultation. The three other law firms me and my husband went to it felt like they were hiding information and did not fully answer our questions so we would hire them. The one hour she spent with us was worth it and she gave us so much helpful information and explained the law and how it helps our case. A+ lawyer and a kind person who even answered the email I sent asking a follow up question.

- Fatima K.

Citizenship Case - Waiting 3 Years

I filed my citizenship case in 2016 with another lawyer, but after my fingerprint appointment I waited and waited for the interview date. My lawyer asked for help from Senator Warner office and USCIS said my case was in line for interview but still no date for the interview. I found Mrs. Anwari online and she recommended a federal lawsuit. 6 weeks after I hired her, I had my interview and passed. I have my US passport now and I am happy I hired this law firm. Everyone there is very professional and nice.

- Mohammad

Do Not Hesitate

There was a problem with my student visa half way though my degree and I turned to Mrs. Anwari when no one else would help me even for twice the price. She made sure I can stay and graduate with a legal status. Do not hesitate to approach her, she is a very genunine and honest person and will let you know if she can help or not. Don't make my initial mistake and be patient as she is busy helping many people. Set up a meeting with her and forget about other immigration attourneys. She went out of her way to help me many times during the process.

- Ivan Stoykov

Best Immigration Lawyer in Virginia

Deeba jan is the best lawyer for any one for there future immigration case I will recommend her to everyone can go to Deeba jan for there future case for Immigration and the best immigration lawyer in Virginia

- Inayatullah Khan


This is the second case that Anwari law firm i habw deal with , i really appreaciate and highly recommended to deal with it .

- Halah Fawzi

Life Changing

Deeba Anwari law firm was a life changing game for our family. She is very talented and professional in her career/ duties. My dad case was stuck under AP for more then 6 years and after giving the case to Deeba Anwari law firm the case got resolved in between 6 months . I really recommend this law firm to any one looking for a great lawyer.

- Sozan Wassel

Wonderful Person

Deeba Anwari is a GREAT lawyer and a wonderful person. She has been very helpful to me and I strongly recommend the Anwari Law Firm to you. You will love the experience.

- Mina Sargand

I Would Definitely Suggest Ms. Anwari Office Again

I had really complicated immigration case which my case was lost and none of USCIS office could locate my case, Ms, Anwari suggest to file lawsuit and in between 6 months I got my green card approval notice and I was very relieved and pleased when I found that Ms. Anwari not only very knowledgeable in their field but also welcomed any and all questions I had…Needless to say, if my family and friends ever, had any immigration concern, I would definitely suggest Ms. Anwari office again, and I would recommend it in a heartbeat to anyone who is looking for representation. She knows her business and she is very good at it.

- Sahar A., Alexandria, VA

Extremely Grateful

I'm extremely grateful to Deeba and the Anwari staff to have helped me with my immigration process, throughout the years I have met with different immigration lawyers and the first thing they would ask is for payments. Deeba sat with me and explained the steps we were going to take, explained the risks. One of the best qualities Deeba and her staff have is communication, i would either email or call her office and Deeba would contact me back within a 24hr window which is unheard of with other lawyers. Deeba puts a lot dedication to her cases, I'm so glad and thankful to have worked with Deeba. Estoy extremadamente agradecido a Deeba y a su personal por haberme ayudado con mi proceso migratorio. Durante años he consultado con diferentes abogados de inmigración y lo primero que me decían después de la entrevista eran los pagos. Deeba se sentó conmigo me explico los pasos que íbamos a seguir, me explico los riesgos. Una de las mejores cualidades de Deeba y su personal es la comunicación, Deeba pone bastante dedicación a sus casos, estoy muy agradecido por haber trabajado con Deeba y su firma.

- Cesar Arias

DMV Area

Deeba Anwari is the best immigration lawyer in DMV area!

- Masood Atmar

Will Fight

Great Lawyer and human being. She is very professional and will fight any immigration case.

- Daniel Arias

Aware Of All The Laws

So professional and excellent lawyer, i Highly recommend miss anwari for any immigration case , she is aware of all the laws and she takes your case to the success

- Mohamed Khadir

Able To Meet My Needs

Mrs Anwari has been really helpful and was able to meet my needs. I highly recommend her as she is really professional and has a lot of knowledge. Thanks again for your help !

- Alaa Alkubaisy

Highly Experienced

Deeba is best attorney, she is good in communication and highly experienced. she has excellent answers about all the issues and address it very professionally.

- Sandeep Sharma

The Best In Her Field

One of the best immigration attorney out there. Deeba Anwari is the best in her field, very knowledgeable and professional. Words can't express how grateful I am to Deeba Anwari, she solved my father's case which was pending under administrative processing for almost seven years. I wish i knew her earlier and not to wait on my dad's case for seven years. I worked with several lawyers, but none gave me the option and suggestions she did. I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to work with a professional and reliable attorney. She is brilliant and very caring, she will work with you from start to finish, answers all questions in timely manner, paying attention to all details, and most importantly giving all her cases the same importance. After she got our case, It just took six months to get the visa and solve the case, she is that wonderful. Once again I want to thank Deeba Anwari and wish her best of luck in every aspect of her life.

- Nadia Noor

Very Positive Experience

Deeba is incredibly professional and knowledgeable - we had a very positive experience working with her and her firm! She answers all questions quickly and keeps you updated throughout the process, which is exactly what we needed and were hoping for. Thank you Deeba and Anwari Law Firm for your hard work and excellent service!

- Melissa Licato

The Anwari Law Firm Feels Like Family

The Anwari law firm feels like family. They'll give you the details up front but with solutions that best suit your needs. Solved my problem effortlessly while helping anyone I referred to, leaving only smiles on their faces. Also if you think something is impossible, the staff at Anwari will leave you thinking otherwise. I'll recommend without a doubt. Thank you Deeba, you've done wonders.

- Ali El

Definitely Keep Her in Mind

Ms. Anwari helped me to get my mothers immigration papers in order and in no time she was able to get a permanent residence with the help of Ms. Anwari. She helped answer any questions that I may have had and simplified the entire process for me and was very quick with emails and phone responses. I would reccomend Ms. Anwari to all those who are in need of assistance for immigration papers and will definietly keep her in mind for the future.

- Zaid Yasin


Best lawyer ever I do not find words to express how wonderful she is very nice person and skilled god protect you Deeba 😘😘

- Houda Majidi

Very Dedicated

Best immigration lawyer. Deeba was very dedicated to my case, she told me exactly what we have to do and how long we have to wait. My case was approved after two months. Thank you

- Bane Mali

The BEST Decision

I used Anwari Law Firm to help with my parents immigration process and it was the BEST decision. Deeba was my lawyer and she was spectacular. She helped answer every single questions/concerns I had (and trust me I had a lot). At every point in the process, she was prompt in keeping me updated on the process, helped with making sure we understood the process well and also gave us insight on what to expect coming down the road. I am so glad I was recommended to the firm and would recommend them for ANY and every immigration case.

- Aiysha Mubarik

Incredible Experience

Incredible experience with The Anwari Law Firm! Couldn't have been more pleased and thank Allah for blessing me with such an amazing attorney. Her communication is A1 and gives clear instructions, which made everything so much easier. I am 100% confident you and your loved ones would be in great hands. Thanks again!

- Juned Hamid


Honest kinde and professional lawyer

- Naeem Faraz

Excellent Immigration Attorney

Ms Anwari recently helped with my naturalization case. After waiting a year for a decision on my case, I decided to consult a lawyer. Ms Anwari was the first lawyer I consulted and I knew immediately that she would be the right person to handle my case. Within few months of hiring her I had a decision on my case. Not only was she insightful on all the questions I had, always made good recommendations on the next steps and pro-active. Top immigration lawyer, highly recommend!

- Sameer Aggarwal

Excellent service and communication

Ms. Anwari recently handled my wife's immigration change of status and got us her permenant residency. From the moment we met Ms. Anwari, we knew we came to the right place and knew right away she will be our attorney. At the first meeting, Ms. Anwari explained the whole process from beginning to end, told us exactly what kind of paperwork and documents we need, and laid out the timeline of how long it would take. She was spot on regarding everything she told us; over the following few months the process and time line went exactly as she had explained. We found Ms. Anwari to be extremely helpful, caring, and knowledgeable. Seeing how she works and experiencing her professionalism put our minds at ease and made us confident. Another great aspect if dealing with Ms. Anwari is her great communication. Every time we emailed her to ask a question about the next step in the process, she answered right away, some times on the same day, and even on weekends. That alone puts her firm ahead of so many businesses that take forever to get back to you. We need to start the process of removing restrictions from my wife's permenant residency in two years- we will definitely be contacting Ms. Anwari for that as well. We couldn't have asked for a better attorney.

- GJ

Fast Approval for My Daughter's I-130

My traffic lawyer gave me the phone number for the Anwari Law Firm so they can fix a mistake I made. I am a U.S. citizen and filed to bring my wife and daughter from Morocco. When I filed for my wife and daughter, I was a green card holder, so I did not know I had to do another application for my daughter after I became a citizen. I hired Mrs. Anwari and she knows the immigration law so well she filed my daughter's application and asked the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration to process my daughter's case quickly because my wife's case was already approved. After she sent everything to them, I got my approval less than one month later! I almost did not believe it. I tell my friends and they tell me this kind of case takes months. She is an expert immigration lawyer. Thank you.

- Rahim

Prompt, Persuasive and Very Respectful To Her Clients

I was referred by one of my friends to a DC attorney. Unfortunately All I had from him was good speeches. I spent almost two years waiting for him doing nothing on my immigration case. Then I came to Know Ms. Anwari. I met her at her office. I hired her to do what my previous lawyer couldn't do in two years and believe it or not it was done withing weeks. I am very happy that she helped me in a way that I was never thinking of. I have high respect to her and will definitely refer anyone to her.

- Khalid

Successful EB-5 Visa

I hired Ms. Anwari for my uncle's EB-5 visa which was just approved. She came highly recommended by my attorney friend who had worked with her at LeClair Ryan. From day one, her business and immigration law acumen were impressive. Unlike other immigration attorneys I had met with, she was able to answer our questions about both the corporate/securities aspects of the EB-5 program, and the immigration law side. She was great about keeping us informed by email and made the process smooth and fast. I recommended her to my former business partner for his L-1 visa and he's been very happy with her as well.


Excellent Lawyer

I could not go back to my home country, so I hired Ms. Anwari to file my I-612 Foreign Residence Waiver and just got an email letting me know she got my case approved. She worked with me to get all of the evidence together and is an expert in immigration law. She advised me on the best way to tackle my case, and the document I should bring. She prepared a well-thought out legal memo explaining my case and why I should get the waiver. I am recommending her to my friends and my family as an honest lawyer who will work hard for you and unlike many other lawyers, promptly answer your emails and phone calls. I would hire her again for any immigration case I would have. She is extremely helpful, experienced and nice lawyer. Last but not the least, unlike many other lawyer I’ve deal with in the past, she charges very reasonable fees.

- Mahmoud

Well Done

Deeba is an excellent lawyer . She got my fiancé 601 waiver approved for visa . She told us what to do and bring and she did the rest , with her knowledge and experience , she won the approval from uscis . I will have deeba also apply for my fiancé green card as well as citizenship and any uscis related issues . She has her Juris Doctor degree as well as bachelors degrees in law and she's has her own law firm in fairfax county .

- Wally

One Of The Best

Dee Anwari is one of the best immigration lawyers in the area.

- Lida Travel

Responsive and Easy To Talk To

Dee Anwari is both extremely knowledgeable as well as responsive and easy to talk to. I find the fixed price policies of the firm to be easy to understand and very reasonable. Highest recommendations.

- Kelley Lott