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Experienced Legal Counsel

For the Anwari Law Firm, results are the key to being a firm client recommend to their family and friends. Founder, Dee Anwari, has had a successful legal career at one of the largest and most well-respected law firms in the country. Her extensive business and immigration law experience has led to a history of favorable, fast results for clients.

Fast Results

Extensive experience means we know all of the legal options for getting your case approved as fast as possible with no unnecessary delays. Clients get the benefit of experienced, knowledgeable legal counsel and the quickest possible decision in their case.  

Make No Mistake: You Need an Immigration Attorney


Whether you are dealing with family immigration issues or matters concerning business immigration, it is always wise to play it safe. The Anwari Law Firm is eager to help you stay safely within the legal boundaries of immigration law. We are also prepared to leverage our legal experience and acumen to put you or your employee on the road to American citizenship. You may be concerned about reuniting with your loved ones, making sure that your status as a DACA recipient remains intact, fighting deportation, or struggling to keep your employees in the workplace. No matter which category applies to you, Anwari Law Firm is here to fight for your rights. We will work tirelessly to provide you or your employees with a legal safety net until we can successfully strategize to win your case through negotiation or at trial. Our skills are well-honed and we keep current on all aspects of immigration law. We are always aware of the urgency of immigration issues and want to keep you, your family, and your business safe from harassment and legal peril.

Family Immigration

The attorneys at The Anwari Law Firm are knowledgeable about the complexities of immigration law, and experienced in providing clients throughout the area of Northern Virginia and throughout the U.S. with excellent, up-to-date legal guidance and representation. We will assist you in getting all of your required documents together, reviewing them to avoid procedural snags, and filing them promptly to meet all necessary deadlines. We are well aware of how destabilizing the process of family immigration is, particularly during this period of history, so we will support you and your family every step of the way.

We will give you specific advice to protect you and your loved ones, and, if necessary, litigate on your behalf. Also, understanding the emotional toll of waiting, we will stay in close touch and always be responsive to your questions. At Anwari Law Firm, we have seen the tragic consequences of immigrants who have been cheated out of money and hope by scam artists. When you come to us, we encourage you to check out our reputation, credentials, and track record thoroughly so that we have your complete trust. Our flat fee billing will help you plan for your expenses throughout the immigration process and to feel free to ask for help whenever you need it.

Employment Immigration

From our office in Northern Virginia, the Anwari Law Firm assists employers throughout the country who are eager to recruit foreign workers and to help their new employees expedite the legal immigration process. Well-known as accomplished business immigration attorneys, we are adept at unsnarling the tangles of immigration law so your business can expand its workforce with candidates you consider optimal, regardless of their country of origin.

Fortunately, even in these troubling times for undocumented immigrants, there are several methods you can use to facilitate the legal immigration of desirable employees. The very fact of employing individuals may ease the process. Depending upon the type of work they will do for you, they may be granted an employment-based visa as religious workers, translators, physicians or other professionals, extraordinary ability workers, members of the military, or intra-company transfers. While each category has different specific prerequisites, all have the following application procedure [1] get labor certification [2] file the petition [3] file official visa application forms (DS-260 or DS-261) for immigrants [4] complete the medical examination and vaccination and [5] compile supporting documents, such as a current passport. At the Anwari Law Firm, we pride ourselves on helping your company and the United States become stronger as they become more diverse.

Immigration Case Delays


As frustrating and frightening as immigration delays may be, they are, there are many ways to avoid them. The Anwari Law Firm is proactive — filing papers ahead of schedule wherever possible and making certain to meet all USCIS deadlines. We will also submit a complete case, with strong documentation of your legal right to the immigration benefit you seek.

Our attorneys will intervene in every way we can to speed things up — by making sure that every detail on the forms we submit is correct, responding to requests for further information immediately, contacting various USCIS departments and specific contacts for information, and checking the whereabouts of your case by tracking it online. Because of the potential loss of documents, we will keep copies of all necessary papers. If we feel your case is being inordinately delayed, we also have the option of filing a federal lawsuit on your behalf. Our client reviews are a testament to our unrivaled expertise in filing lawsuits (including writs of mandamus) to obtain approvals for cases delayed for years.

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